2019 September 26-27

Integration Driven Development

As the integration economy flourishes, authoring apps has never been easier. Tasks such as authentication, notifications, and search (to name a few) are now accessible via thousands of publicly available APIs. However, JavaScript is still a DIY language, with no native support for integrations and few established best practices.

Our workshop seeks to change that. In Integration Driven Development, we will build a web app from the ground up that uses no less than eight integrations - Slack, SalesForce, Elasticsearch, Auth0, Behance, SendGrid, Google Maps and Contentful. The app, called porterduff.io, will help freelancers find potential clients in airports while waiting for flights.

By building this app, you will learn several best practices, tips, and tricks that can be applied to any project, from fresh starts to legacy code bases. At the end, you will be able to manage integrations as confidently as your own JavaScript code, helping you build resilient and robust apps around your core business logic.

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