2019 September 26-27

Mauricio Palma

Accessibility vs latest Web APIs. Can’t we just get along?

Hand-drawn sketch notes summarizing the talk of Mauricio Palma
Sketchnotes by Malweene,

Unfortunately, we still treat accessibility in the same way we deal with front-end development for older browsers, something to be done at the end. What if I tell you that we can use the latest Web APIs and still offer an inclusive and accessible experience.

In this talk, you'll learn how to combine Web APIs such as Speech Recognition and Geolocation, with performant Javascript techniques to create empathic user interfaces.

A self-educated UI Developer working at SinnerSchrader. As part of the product engineering team, he works as a proxy between the design and engineering teams. You’ll find him in that sweet spot where art meets science. Using technology to craft user-centric experiences. He’s currently also leading the educational program module 'Modern Software Development' at SinnerSchrader. He is also the co-founder of Woodlike Ocean and an engaged social entrepreneur.