2019 September 26-27

Damini Satya Kammakomati

Taming `Git`osaurus Using Mystical Trees: Understanding complex git trees in the developer fairyland

Hand-drawn sketch notes summarizing the talk of Damini Satya Kammakomati
Sketchnotes by Malweene,

Raise your hands if you all start to panic when you mess up your local git workflow, trying frantically to save your work and eventually giving in to the complications thereby deleting your repository. Well, Git isn’t the terrible dinosaur you think it is, on the contrary, the messier it becomes, the more interesting it gets. This session aims to make friends with Git and to express the hidden gems in the mysterious git land which will definitely help you to become more productive and look cool in front of your peers struggling with a git-gone-wild.

Damini Satya is a software engineer at Salesforce building compelling user interfaces and experiences to the world’s leading CRM solutions. Previously, she was a speaker at Grace Hopper Celebration 2018 with a talk titled “Elsa, A conversational agent aimed at improving women’s mental health”, which garnered huge applause from the attendees both at the conference and on social media. She also spoke at GHC 2017 and GHC India 2016 on a wide variety of technical topics. Apart from her presence at GHC, she also presented tech talks at conferences like ReactConf & FOSSASIA. A passionate developer and with a desire to mentor students, she transitioned from her role as a student in Google summer of Code (GSoC) 2016 with the FOSSASIA organization working on a peer to peer scraper system, Loklak, and became a mentor for the organization during GSoC 2017. She is an active open source contributor and a part of various open source communities while continually aiming to bringing more women into contributing to open source software.