2019 September 26-27

Benedicte Raae

A privacy first period tracker? Is it even possible?

Hand-drawn sketch notes summarizing the talk of Benedicte Raae
Sketchnotes by Malweene,

Do I want to track my cycles? Yes. Do I want the tracker to push my data to a third party? Hell NO! Do I want the data lying around unencrypted in a database somewhere? Not really. Do I want backup and access from multiple devices? Kinda.. What would I need to learn and is it even possible? Come along on my journey, as a run of the mill web developer, to create a secure and private web-based period tracker.

Benedicte Raae is a independent contractor, working as a full stack developer. With a developer mom she had free access to Internet from an early age, but it was actually her Norwegian teacher that introduced her to HTML in 1997. Since then, she has created countless apps, services and sites. Both for fun and profit.